Infineon and Micron team for bigger SIMs

Infineon Technologies and Micron Technology have agreed to work together to develop subscriber identity module (SIM) cards that contain more than 128MB of data.

The high-density SIMs are intended to let operators offer graphical, value-added services such as mobile banking and contactless mobile ticketing. The growth in the number of functions performed by the SIM means that storage needs to keep evolving, the companies claimed.

The future HD-SIM designs will combine an Infineon security microcontroller with Micron’s NAND flash memory with features designed specifically for HD-SIM applications. Micron will manufacture the flash on 50nm and 34nm process technology.

“The demands for more robust storage and applications are driving the mobile market into its next phase,” said Bill Lauer, senior director of marketing at Micron Technology. “We’re committed to developing strategic storage solutions that are well past a one-size-fits-all model.”

“Infineon envisions a new role of future SIM cards that will be capable of audio and video mass content storage and even flash-card replacement. Infineon is committed to enabling the entire HD-SIM market with a comprehensive HD-SIM product portfolio from single-digit megabytes to 2 gigabytes that offers the right level of performance and security,” said Helmut Gassel, vice president and general manager of the chip card and security division at Infineon Technologies.

Prototypes are expected to be available in the autumn of 2009 and will be sold in die form or in a chip-card IC package. 

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