Green Hills spins out company armed with secure OS

Green Hills Software has created a subsidiary to sell an embedded operating system that has now been certified to meet the Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level 6+ High-Robustness standard for security.

Green Hills claimed its Integrity-178B operating system is the only software of its kind on the market to be certified to EAL6+, which is meant to protect against determined hackers. Wind River said in June that it is putting its VxWorks MILS2 operating system through a similar evaluation process.

Integrity Global Security will take the Green Hills operating system and sell it it to government and corporate users to build everything from secure PDAs to industrial-control systems.

“With the achievement of our Integrity security certification to Common Criteria EAL6+ High Robustness, the most stringent security evaluation ever undertaken by any operating system, we recognised the pressing need for a new organisation that
is focused on solving many of the world’s long-standing enterprise security problems,” said Dan O’Dowd, founder and CEO of Green Hills.

“For years, information security has been myopically protecting the organization from the outside in with technologies like firewalls and antivirus and largely overlooked the need to protect it from the inside out. In Gartner’s vision of Adaptive Security
Infrastructure, protecting workloads and information from the inside out will require more intelligent security sensors throughout the infrastructure – at endpoints, virtual servers and within the applications and data themselves,” said Neil MacDonald, vice
president and Gartner fellow. “However, security software running on the same physical machine as the workloads and information it is protecting can’t be unequivocally trusted without strong isolation, high assurance and resiliency of the software, and trust attestation, which will become the foundation for next-generation Adaptive Security Infrastructure.”

Integrity Global Security will be led by CEO David Chandler, moving over from his current role as Green Hills’ senior vice president of sales.

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