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Special events

19 November, Engineering: At the Centre of Society. Mountbatten Lecture by Lord Browne of Madingley. London.

26 November, Technical Visits to Kelham Island and Abbeydale Brewery. Sheffield.

2 December, A Lot of Hot Air. IET Scotland Christmas Lecture. Glasgow.

3 December, A Lot of Hot Air. IET Scotland Christmas Lecture. Perth.

4 December, A Lot of Hot Air. IET Scotland Christmas Lecture. Inverness.

5 December, A Lot of Hot Air. IET Scotland Christmas Lecture. Edinburgh.

18 December, Childrens' Christmas Event. Lecture. Sheffield.


24 November, Beautiful Music Horrible Sounds. Lecture. Salford.

25 November, Cellular Phones - Myths and Reality. Lecture. Ness.

26 November, CVMP 2008. Conference. London.

26 November, Web 2.0 - Social Media to Inspire Change. Pinkerton Lecture. London.

3 December, The BBC Ascension Island relay station. Lecture. Bromley.

4 December, Electromagnetic Propagation in Structures and Buildings. Seminar. London.

4 December, Supply and Demand - Radio Spectrum Allocation in the Entertainment Industry. Lecture. Yarnfield.

9 December, Next Generation Networks. Seminar. London.

9 December, JLB Lecture. London.

9 December, The Case for Space. Lecture. Manchester.

10 December, IPTV. Seminar. London.

Control and automation

20 November, Daresbury - A Gem in the North West. Lecture. Manchester.

2 December, Visit to Control Techniques Drive Specialists. Newtown.

2 December, Cloud Computing. Lecture. Belfast.

5 December, SIL Determination. Seminar. London.

23 December, Bio-Medical Applications Using New Technology. Lecture. Stornoway.


20 November, The Vagus Nerve. Lecture. Stockport.

20 November, Healthcare Technologies Annual Lecture. London.

20 November, Electromagnetic Surfaces: From Butterflies to Battleships. Lecture. Bangor.

26 November, HMS Astute - Next Generation Submarine for the Royal Navy. EMESP Prestige Lecture. Nottingham.

27 November, Embedded Systems. Lecture. Chatswood, New South Wales.

3 December, Life on Mars. Children's Christmas Lecture. Guildford.

3 December, Climate Change and the Engineer. Lecture. Inverness.

9 December, Thales Watchkeeper UAV. Lecture. Belfast.


20 November, Business Continuity Management in a Large Financial Institution. Lecture. Bern, Switzerland.

27 November, Engineering in the Extremes. Lecture. Cardiff.

27 November, DERI Lecture. Galway.

17 December, Development of the i-LIMB Bionic Hand. Lecture. Birmingham.


20 November, The Antikythera Mechanism Decoded. Lecture. Swansea.

4 December, Technical visit to BBC East Midlands. Nottingham.


25 November, RNLI Lifeboats, Ergonomic Design and System Integration. Lecture. Poole.

26 November, Developments in Micro and Nano Engineering. Lecture. Cardiff.

2 December, TRIZ for Project Management and Project Control. Lecture. Manchester.

2 December, Visit to Depuy's International Ltd. Leeds.

3 December, Wheatstone Lecture. Lecture/dinner. London.

3 December, Simulation and Off-line Programme Verification. Lecture. Liverpool.

3 December, Forth Ports and Waterfront Development. Lecture. Edinburgh.

4 December, Technical Visit to Sheffield Forgemasters.

Personal development

20 November, Professional Registration workshop. Gloucester.

20 November, Professional Registration - How to Tackle it. Lecture. Edinburgh.

25 November, Organisational Health Checks. Dennis Beard Lecture. Birmingham.

25 November, Present Around the World. Competition. Belfast.

26 November, Working with Competences. Lifeskills Workshop. Durham.

27 November, A practical approach to project management in industry. Lecture. Plymouth.

27 November, Join the IET and get Professionally Registered. Workshop. Swansea.

3 December, IET Membership - How to Achieve It. Workshop. Glasgow.

4 December, CV writing. Workshop. Brighton.

9 December, Revision Techniques. Lifeskills Briefing. Sheffield.


20 November, Fuel Cell CHP. Lecture. Leicester.

20 November, Technical Visit to Heysham 1 and 2 Nuclear Power Stations.

26 November, Wind Power - The Engineering Considerations. Lecture. Barnstable.

3 December, Fuel Cell Technology Update. Lecture. Crawley.

4 December, Alternative Sources of Energy. Lecture. Dublin.

9 December, Arc Faults and Their Effects Within Switchgear. Lecture. Scunthorpe.

9 December, Power Generation and Control. Seminar. Birmingham.

9 December, Hunter Memorial Lecture. Birmingham.

10 December, Fusion Energy: Facing the Scientific Challenge. Lecture. Sheffield.


25 November, F1 Technologies. Lecture. Castle Donington.

27 November, Technical Visit to Concorde - the Legend. Ringway.

28 November, Energy and Transport. Higginson Lecture. Durham.

2 December, East Lancashire Railway. Lecture. Blackburn.

2 December, Vulcan to the Sky. Prestige Lecture. Perth.

8 December, The Trojan Industrial Locomotive. Lecture. Scunthorpe.

8 December, Formula One the Red Bull Way. Christmas Lecture. Malvern.

8 December, Waveform Design and Digital Radar. Conference. London.

9 December, Road Pricing. Three-day seminar. London.

9 December, From Active Modules Towards Digital Radar. Seminar. London.

10 December, Channel Tunnel Rail Link - Signalling and Control. Lecture. Brighton.

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