Europractice to promote Sparc open-source cores

Sun Microsystems and Europractice have kicked off a three-year collaboration to promote the chip-multithreading version of the OpenSparc processor core as a reference design among 650 universities and research institutions in the European region.

“Sun's open source strategy and easily accessible processor IP design is a key reason for entering into this relationship,” said Dr John McLean, head of Europractice’s software service. “We are excited about the potential for future engineering innovations and educational advances on Sun's OpenSparc technologies and believe access to this technology will help boost Europe's capabilities in teaching and research in the microprocessor field."

Intended to further next-generation multi-core, multithreading development, Sun allows open-source versions of the the OpenSparc T1 T2 processor register transfer level (RTL) code to be downloaded and altered.

“Access to open technologies creates opportunity for talented individuals and spurs communities of innovation. Our collaboration with Europractice will help open doors for tens of thousands of advanced engineering students and next-generation technology leaders across Europe,” said Lin Lee, vice president of global communities at Sun.

“As one of Europe's leading universities in the microelectronic design space, we view this development as important to our drive to integrate leading technology to create next-generation hardware solutions for the business environment,” said Professor Per Stenstrom of the Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden.

Since the launch of the OpenSPARC T1 processor in March 2006, Sun said more than 9,000 OpenSPARC T1 and OpenSPARC T2 processor RTL files have been downloaded.

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