BPM on the up claims AIIM

Enterprise content management association AIIM says that 56 per cent of organisations have already implemented departmental, cross-departmental or enterprise-wide BPM (business process management) projects; the remaining 44 per cent respondents have not yet begun a significant BPM project, but plan to do so in 2009.

Asked which area of the business was the focus of their implementation in the AIIM Market IQ survey, the largest segment cited back-office operations as the primary project, followed closely by IT, human resources and customer service.

In relation to the type of processes that are BPM-enabled, 37 per cent cited a balance between transactional and document-centric processes, while 31 per cent said their focus was on transactional processes, and another 20 per cent focused specifically on document-centric processes.

In response to the question ‘Who is responsible for defining the business process rules and logic?’, 54 per cent said responsibility lies either with the individual process owner or line of business manager.

If offered the option of using an Open Source solution, 52 per cent of responents would consider it; those who said they would not, cited lack of support as the main reason.

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