Atlantis floats tide-powered data centre plan

What’s claimed as the first data centre partially powered directly by tidal current energy is being planned for a Scottish location by Singapore-based Atlantis Resources Corporation.

Initially using a combination of five Solon, and 10 Nereus (pictured) tidal turbines, Atlantis expects to generate around 20 Megawatts of power – that’s up to 40 per cent of the centre’s requirement. This fluctuates according to the ebb and flow of tides. The remainder will be drawn from the national grid. However, according to Dr James Mitchell, head of business development London for Atlantis Resources, the tide-derived could reach 150 Megawatts when fully rolled out.

Atlantis Resources is looking to partner with a major online presence which would be attracted by the data centre’s combination of location, capacity, and green credibility, such as Google or Microsoft. It has appointed ARUP to undertake a feasibility study to identify potential partners, and geographic sites for the actual facility.

Atlantis’ Dr Mitchell is also hopeful that low-grade heat generated by the data centre when operational can be deployed to warm local greenhouses growing produce for the nearby Mey Selections food brand.

If planning permissions for a sea-based lease come from Crown Estates, along with government permits to run the turbines, for a sea-based lease, the data centre could be initially operational by 2011, and fully rolled-out two years after.


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