Android will drive Gmail subscriptions

Google’s android is likely to drive Gmail subscriber numbers according to research conducted by Strategy Analytics.

Strategy Analytics’ Wireless Device Lab undertook a benchmark of the G1 with 13 existing wireless device owners. 12/13 users liked having a simple and quick way to access Google search on their device and all 13 users said that Google was the primary search engine they used.

Requiring users to have an active Gmail account may lead to users switching from their current email provider solely to Gmail, claims the report, as they will also have that email account available on their phone, enhancing the base of Gmail customers.

“If a user has Gmail set up on their phone, it is likelty they will also use this Gmail account on a computer, enhancing Google’s brand image,” says the report.

Additionally, users found Street View to be a cool feature, but some were unsure in which situations they would utilise it.

Also, the requirement to use the physical keyboard whenever a user wanted to input text was considered to be cumbersome by several users and the menu key was confusing to many users – the study found.

The report concludes that the experience will improve further, as developers and integrators offer cool new applications and as the integration between platform and future devices becomes more seamless.

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