AMD begins expansion to bulk CMOS

AMD expects to complete its shift to a 45nm SOI process at its Dresden fab next year and has started work to bring a 32nm bulk-CMOS process from IBM’s Common Platform alliance that should commence production in 2010.

The company is bringing in a bulk technology to allow it to manufacture graphics processors that are currently made at foundries TSMC and UMC and spin off the chipmaking arm into a spinout currently known as the Foundry Company.

Doug Grose, senior vice president of manufacturing and supply chain management at AMD, said at the company’s annual analyst day: “The roadmap has expanded from high performance [SOI] to the industry-standard and bulk side. What the Foundry Company really provides is a much richer opportunity to not only support AMD processors but the graphics and chipset business.”

Grose said Fab 36 in Dresden is now making 45nm parts using immersion lithography. “Mid-2009, we will take Fab 36 and convert it from 65nm all the way to 45nm. Then we will work on 32nm and 22nm.”

Grose indicated that the company will have a 45nm bulk CMOS process underway in the middle of next year and will introduce a 32nm bulk process with a polysilicon gate in the last quarter, before bringing up the high-k, metal-gate process provided by the Common Platform alliance. “Looking at 32nm, we are opening up the aperture a little bit,” said Grose.

On the 32nm process, Grose said: “We will be able to accept tapeouts in the fourth quarter of 2009 for production in 2010.”

One of the first designs expected to arrive will be AMD graphics processors.

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