Wi-Fi chip company claims 1Gbit/s link rate

A US start-up is claiming that its Wi-Fi chipsets will support link data rates of up to 1Gbit/s.

The chipsets will use 4x4 MIMO techniques, in which the same signal is fed to multiple transmission antennas and picked up by multiple receiving antennas, to ensure robustness against interference. They will also support beam-forming by the transmitting device, to concentrate the signal in the direction of the receiver. This will improve the range and data rate while conserving power. 

Other techniques that are being applied to squeeze the most range and highest data rates out of the 802.11n standard include the concurrent use of both the 2.4Ghz and 5GHz bands, and vector mesh routing to improve coverage. Quantenna also claims high levels of integration in the chipset's front-end module.

The company says the chips will be useful for distributing HD video content over home wireless networks, where it will offer up to 600Mbit/s of data throughput out of thr 1Gbit/s link speed, as well as good signal robustness to issues of interference, dead spots and variable bandwidth.

“Our unique combination of cutting-edge 4x4 MIMO and Tx beamforming on the smallest footprint positions Quantenna in the forefront of the highly competitive Wi-Fi chip market,” said Dr. Behrooz Rezvani, Quantenna’s founder and CEO. “Through years of development and careful consideration of the challenges that have previously impeded ultra reliable wireless bandwidth, we can now enable our customers to meet the most demanding consumer challenges today, which is guaranteeing bandwidth.”

The company is offering three different chipsets supporting data throughputs of 600Mbit/s, 400 Mbit/s and 200Mbit/s. Sampling is due to start this quarter.

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