UK gets �7M cyber-crime police unit

A police unit dedicated to tackling Internet fraud and cyber crime and clamping down on internet fraud was announced by e-crime Minister Vernon Coaker.

Due to be operational by Q2/2009, the PCeU will focus on supporting the new National Fraud Reporting Centre (NFRC) when it comes into operation in 2009. The new unit will receive £3.5M of Government funding, and £3.9M from the Metropolitan Police Service over three years; it will also seek support from industry partners.

“The PCeU will also play a vital role in helping police forces across the country improve skills and techniques needed to clamp down on e-crime,” believes e-crime minister Vernon Coaker.

Its creation builds on proposals by Association of Chief Police Officers - ACPO - for increasing capacity and capability within the police service to get to grips with modern forms of hi-tech internet crime. The PCeU will not overlap with existing organisations such as SOCA's e-crime unit or with CEOP, Vernon adds, both of which have different and separate responsibilities; but the PCeU and these organisations ‘will communicate regularly and will work together if required’.

“It is our aim to improve the police response to victims of e-crime by developing the capability of the Police Service,” said Deputy Assistant Commissioner Janet Williams, ACPO’s lead for e-crime. “We will be coordinating the law enforcement approach to all types of e-crime, and providing a national investigative capability for the most serious e-crime incidents.”

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