Pay survey shows recruitment specialists crucial during slump

A new survey shows that those working in recruitment at senior management level have experienced the biggest increase in salary over all other HR specialists at that level.

In fact, recruitment consultants are valued more than ever, with their salaries being generally 11 per cent above the average senior management HR pay of £45,000 per annum, compared with 4 per cent above the average in 2007.

Charles Cotton, Reward Adviser at (CIPD), said: “While many employers are looking to cut back on their head count they are still looking to recruit at all levels.”

The survey also shows that the pay of project/internal consultants has been outpaced by other HR specialities this year. They are receiving one percent below the average senior management HR salary, compared to 13 per cent above last year.

Employee relations specialists are receiving 6 per cent below the average senior management HR salary despite the increased industrial relations activity and predicted strike action in some sectors.

The survey also reveals the salary rankings of HR professionals working in different sectors. HR professionals in the manufacturing sector have the highest remuneration, on average 3.5 per cent above the “all sector average” of £30,720, while those working in the voluntary sector are the lowest paid, with 2.3 per cent below the average HR pay. 

How the sectors ranked:

1. Manufacturing sector:             £31,791            +3.5%

2. Public services sector:            £31,654            +3.0%

3. Private services sector:            £30,000            -2.3%

4. Voluntary sector:                        £30,000            -2.3%

Vivienne Copeland, Director of Client Services at Croner Reward, added: “With recent Government guidelines about pay restraint in the Public Sector, the order of this list might be very different in the coming months.  At the same time, although private sector jobs might be hit if we enter a recession, organisations in this sector have some freedom to better reward those who remain in the business and on whom they put greater reliance like HR professionals.

“Pay in the voluntary sector has historically lagged behind other sectors, and it will be interesting to see if this trend worsens should donations reduce as a result of the current and predicted economic difficulties.”

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