Mott MacDonald to conduct Tamil Nadu study

Mott MacDonald has been appointed by the state government of Tamil Nadu, India, to undertake a feasibility study for the proposed Chennai – Bangalore Industrial Corridor of Excellence (ICE).

Mott MacDonald will provide a Corridor Development Plan for the region linking Chennai, Sriperumbudur, Ranipet and Hosur. The corridor will include special economic zones, industrial and IT parks, universities, and social infrastructure such as housing, healthcare and schools.

The ICE will use and enhance the connectivity between the region's existing transport networks, including the two international airports, national highways and ports of Chennai and Bangalore, two of Southern India's major cities. In addition, the corridor will develop the cities' existing industrial bases, raising the profile of Bangalore as a hub for information technology, and Chennai as a centre for automobile, manufacturing and electronics expertise.

Ramesh Kumar, Mott MacDonald's project director said: "We're delighted to be awarded this important contract, which will help address the need for an integrated approach to infrastructure development in Tamil Nadu to meet the demands of India's growing economy. Mott MacDonald is proud to be involved in the formative stages of such a significant and prestigious project."

The Corridor Development Plan will be prepared in two phases over a period of ten months. The first phase concerns the regions connecting Chennai, Sriperumbudur, Ranipet, and the second, the regions of Ranipet, Hosur and Bangalore.

As part of the study, Mott MacDonald will forecast industrial growth in the region, identify infrastructure requirements and make recommendations for sustainable land use and appropriate investment mechanisms.

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