Most managers want to replace their unmotivated staff

Nearly every manager would change at least one member of staff given the chance and 17 per cent would happily change the whole team, while only 8 per cent of employers were completely satisfied with every member of staff.

In a survey of over 870 UK bosses, 92 per cent of employers would replace a member of staff if there weren’t any legal consequences, with 17 per cent harbouring a desire to get rid of everyone and start again. 

The survey, conducted by, an online meeting platform for the skilled and skill seekers, revealed that 86 per cent of employers felt at least one member of staff acted completely differently to how they acted during the interview, while 62 per cent felt employees had exaggerated and/or lied on their CV about their knowledge and experience.

Three-quarters of the business managers surveyed claimed that at least one of their staff appeared unmotivated and unsatisfied at work and felt this affected their performance. found that the same proportion claimed that little contact with applicants before offering them a position was to blame for misjudgement, but time constraints made it difficult to deal with applications internally without outsourcing to recruitment agencies.

Sam Fianu, co-founder of said: “I find it worrying that so many people are clearly unhappy in their job and so many employers are unsatisfied with members of staff.”

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