Law firms 'guilty' of mobile data negligence

Twenty-four per cent of UK legal firms have confessed to misplacing at least one mobile device containing confidential documents including case-notes, contracts, and client details typically at risk, in a survey of 100 UK legal firms by Credant Technologies.

Some 37 per cent of lawyers believed that if they did lose their mobile device it would be insecure, as a hacker, or identity thief, is ‘cleverer than the average lawyer’, and could access the data it contained. Just 13 per cent of those that had lost a mobile device were confident it could not be breached, or used against them, as they were savvy enough to encrypt the data.

Over 90 per cent of lawyers believe their data is protected because they are securing it with a password. And 4 per cent admitted that they not use any security whatsoever. However, an educated third of lawyers interviewed are protecting their information with encryption.

The survey further revealed that one in five lawyers use their own mobile devices to store corporate and sensitive information. On many of these unprotected devices, lawyers are storing a variety of highly sensitive information including business emails (85 per cent), work contact details (65 per cent), client contact details 50 per cent), firms data (42 per cent), client records (34 per cent), contracts 32 (per cent), case files (28 per cent), and even security details like passwords and access codes (16 per cent).

Blackberrys are now the preferred device that lawyers use to store their information with (67 per cent), compared with laptops (63 per cent), USB memory sticks (41 per cent), and smartphones (21 per cent). The majority use a combination of all of these devices, the Credant Technologies survey found.

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