Juniper T1600 first router tested by power consumption rating standard

Juniper Networks is claiming that its T1600 has been verified as the industry's most energy-efficient core router, with a performance-per-energy unit rating of 9.1 watts-per-Gpbs, after testing using the methodology of the Energy Consumption Rating (ECR), an initiative for measuring energy efficiency of network and telecom devices.

ECR was developed in collaboration between Juniper Networks, IP perfromnace testing company Ixia, and Lawrence Berkeley National Labs. It is an open initiative that welcomes participants and users from network equipment manufacturers, government agencies, carriers and enterprises.

The ECR methodology is poredicated on a vendor-neutral energy efficiency metric that creates a common energy denominator between different network and telecom systems. It defines the procedures and conditions for measurements and calculations, and can be implemented with industry-standard test equipment, Juniper says.

"Network equipment vendors and their customers need to measure energy consumption with consistent, industry-accepted measurements," says Ixia president and CEO Atul Bhatnagar. "[We want the] ECR specification to provide the repeatable, reliable, standards-based measurement required to become an industry standard."

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