High-tech hearing aid tackles misery of tinnitus

A new hearing aid promises to make life easier for tinnitus sufferers by generating a noise that counteracts the ringing in the ears typical of the condition.

It’s been estimated that in an industrialised society one in five people could be affected by tinnitus. For around five per cent, the condition has a serious effect on their daily life, with the continuous noise making it difficult to concentrate and disturbing sleep.

The latest addition to Siemens’ Life range of hearing aids incorporates a special function that can generate a ‘therapeutic noise’. This, the company says, is carefully set so that it distracts patients from the noise in their ear and lets them hear the ‘normal’ outside sound landscape again.

The type and intensity of the noise are initially determined with the help of an acoustic technician, after which the use can make their own adjustments using a remote control.

Smaller and less obtrusive than conventional behind-the-ear hearing aids, the Life range is available in a variety of colours. State of the art features include DataLearning, which remembers a user’s volume preferences for different situations and makes adjustments automatically, while a SoundLearning option goes one step further and saves the individual settings for the preferred sound quality.

All Life hearing aids can be fitted with Siemens’ Tek Connect technology, which allows them to be connected by Bluetooth to mobile phones, telephones, stereo systems or televisions.

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