HDTV chip supports Ecodesign Directive

TV software company, Ocean Blue, has developed energy saving software that supports both high definition digital and analogue transmissions on a single chip.

The Sunrise software has inbuilt power-saving features and plug-in USB devices – all on a single chipset. Currently, multiple chipsets are used.

“High-definition will be the hottest broadcast technology of 2009 and the single chipset solution for televisions will be the panacea,” said Ken Help, chief executive officer of Ocean Blue.

However, the latest European digital terrestrial television standard, DVB-T2, has only been ratified this summer – and therefore a single chipset which incorporates the new standard is currently unavailable.

“Standards such as DVB-T2 have only been finalised this summer. Ocean Blue is working closely with the semiconductor industry to produce the hardware and software solution that will power the new generation of televisions, which will also be more energy efficient,” explained Help.

With the software, channel tuning for both analogue and digital is accomplished through the same user interface. The company claims that it will enable an easy dual set-up process for integrated digital TVs via one single-user interface.

The new generation of chipsets for televisions should have functions allowing TV to be switched into a energy saving mode, rather than just standby mode. Ocean Blue has been eagerly awaiting the hardware to catch up with its Sunrise ECO-TV, which facilitates the monitoring and switching off electronic devices into an energy saving mode.

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