Half of IT managers now 'enforce' out-of-hours PC shut downs

The majority of IT managers are feeling impelled to shrink to their carbon footprints, with 61 per cent ‘feeling pressure’ to cut their energy usage, reports a survey by Vanson Bourne for IT distributor Zycko, with 45 per cent ‘enforcing’ the shutting down of computers at night and on weekends.

The research also identified major hurdles on the way to reducing carbon emissions. Almost 67 per cent of IT managers are unaware of how much power their data centre consumes, and 45 per cent ‘enforce’ the shutting down of computers at night and on weekends. Only 6 per cent admit that they ‘have no policies in place at all’.

Lack of IT resources and cost were cited as the biggest barriers to becoming greener (52 per cent), with 23 per cent claiming they ‘simply do not know what their options are’. When asked where they get their information on environmental issues, 39 per cent claimed they ‘rely on their suppliers’.

Some 60 per cent of respondents to the survey plan to reduce their carbon footprint within the next 18 months. Encouragingly, 70 per cent already have some green measures to reduce employees’ travel needs, such as remote working and video conferencing facilities.

“Over the past year we have seen energy prices skyrocket, resulting in power consumption becoming both an environmental and a capital issue,” says David Galton-Fenzi, Zycko’s group sales director. “Any reduction in energy usage inevitably results in a cost saving for businesses. Suppliers can work with their clients to find solutions that address both cost and green issues simultaneously, delivering a real value-add”

The independent OmniBoss research, conducted by Vanson Bourne, provides a detailed overview of the green IT issues currently faced by medium to large UK businesses.

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