Cyber-criminals target energy engineering sectors

Companies in the Energy industry faced the greatest risk of Web-based malware exposure, at a 189 per cent heightened risk compared to other vertical sectors, according to the latest Global Threat report from SaaS web security firm ScanSafe.

The Report claims to represent the world’s largest security analysis of real-world corporate Web traffic, and is based on an analysis of more than 20 billion Web requests the company processed per month for customers in over 80 countries.

The Pharmaceutical and Chemicals industry faced the second highest risk of exposure at 181 per cent, followed by the Construction and Engineering industry at 144 per cent. The Media and Publishing industry were also among those at highest risk, with a 93 per cent heightened risk compared to other sectors.

“Given the global impact of the Energy and Oil sector, it is particularly troubling to see that this sensitive sector is at the highest risk of Web-based malware,” says Scansafe’s senior security researcher Mary Landesman. “And when one considers the top three most at risk sectors include Energy, Chemicals, and Engineering, one has to question whether these encounters are incidental or whether these particular sectors are under attack.”

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