Corporates face email 'content chaos'

Over 60 per cent of businesses would be unable to find a saved document sent by email in the last year, according to a major trends survey conducted among the 2387 business decision makers at the first day of the Storage Expo exhibition this week.

The results show that UK organisations are facing ‘content chaos’ as they lose control of information, and potentially fail to comply with increasing amounts of mandatory legislative regulation.

The survey’s highlights include:

  • 41 per cent of those questioned admitted to the fact that they still saved data and documents on their desktop even though they knew it needed to be saved on a corporate system.
  • 94 per cent felt that it was easier to find digital documents than paper ones.
  • Compliance was highlighted as a major business issue, with 88 per cent of the sample stating that their businesses would be able to supply email if it was needed for an audit.
  • E-mageddon continues to loom large, as 60 per cent of respondents stated that they have lost a document sent by email,and 63 per cent admitting that they would not be able to find an email sent over 12 months ago.
  • Not surprisingly, 75 per cent of those questioned owned up to having major issues with version control.

“There was overwhelming evidence from this survey that corporates are struggling with the dramatic growth in business data and the flood of content now engulfing us," says Marcos Burnett, UK country manager for ONStor. "Not knowing where documentation is and the loss of that information is perceived as one of the greatest challenges confronting many in business today.”

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