Conference date: 'Managing Change at Work'

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s conference ‘Managing Change at Work’ will be held in London 26-27 November, 2008

The forthcoming CIPD Managing Change at Work Conference will focus on how organisations can become capable of change. HR Directors, specialist advisers and change experts will outline measures that organisations can take to significantly minimise the negative impact of change on employee engagement and ultimately on overall performance.  

Commenting on the conference, Mike Emmott, Employee Relations Adviser, CIPD, said: “The recent economic earthquake is shaking the foundations of organisations everywhere. There is no doubt that an organisation with a robust and embedded framework in place for managing change will be much better equipped to ride the storm.”

With case studies from KPMG, Bank of England, Foster Wheeler, and Xerox Global Services, the conference will also include contributions from author and psychologist Aric Sigman, and Robert Galavan from the National University of Ireland.

There are also two optional focus updates on 26 November. Delegates can choose from Organisational Development or Building Engagement for Change.

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