Companies need more women on board says UKRC

The UK Resource Centre for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology (UKRC) is backing the need for gender diversity at board level.

This follows a further report which making a direct link between gender equality and business performance. A recent McKinsey report shows that organisational performance increases sharply once a threshold of at least three women on management committees with an average membership of 10 people is reached.

Where companies have an influential female presence on their executive committees, and more than two women on the board, they outperform their competitors in terms of return on equity, operating profit and stock price growth.

Annette Williams, Director of the UKRC, said: “There is a pressing need to tap into the skills of women in science, engineering and technology (SET) sectors which are often fuelled by innovation and a spirit of entrepreneurship. Employers should wake up to this fact and ensure they develop senior women to their full potential. Women, in turn, should seize the opportunities available to them and not hold back from aiming for the very top.”

The UKRC is committed to significantly improving the participation and position of SET across industry and academia where there are significant skills shortages. These shortages have an undoubted impact on the future of productivity in the UK. In light of the recent changes in the economy and the uncertain future ahead, it is vital that Government and business consider the kind of changes that can have a significant impact on competitive advantage.

For more information about services available to women and organisations through the UKRC, visit:

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