Campaigners challenge Milliband over coal

Greenpeace has challenged the new UK Government department of energy and climate change to axe plans for a new coal-fired power station in Kent.

Executive director John Sauven said whether he stops the plans for Kingsnorth would be a "first test of credibility" for new minister Ed Miliband after the department was created in a reshuffle. He said that over the past ten years rhetoric by senior government officials on the seriousness of climate change has not been matched by action.

"Bringing energy and climate together at last reflects the urgency of the threat we face from climate change. Hopefully, Ed Miliband will champion efforts to boost renewable energy and energy efficiency, as part of a plan to create the green collar jobs that Britain has so far lost to our European neighbours.

"The first test of his credibility will be whether he stops the UK's first new coal-fired power station in over 30 years at Kingsnorth in Kent," he said.

He also said civil servants who had blocked progress on renewable energy at the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR) should stay where they were.

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