Special interest group to look into the economics of security

The Cyber Security Knowledge Transfer Network, a government-backed organisation, is to set up a new special interest group (SIG), its aim to identify the economic issues affecting the IT security industry.

The Economics of Information Security SIG will meet for the first time at the end of this month and could investigate a wide range of issues.

"It will have to focus on something achievable,” says Cyber Security KTN director Nigel Jones, on the website Computing. “What are the economic models? Is ROI the best way to look at security? What is the relationship between confidentiality, availability and integrity? And can we put values on these to make investment cases?

"Or we could look at how we make this thinking on economics available to small businesses that are not usually thinking about such things. All these areas need addressing and there is a hunger for that,” he adds.

The SIG could also explore the problem in the security sphere of a lack of shared information, which makes it hard to validate vendor claims about their products.

"It is about providing a way for the security folks to talk to the budget folks in a way they both understand, and economics is a good way of doing this, " the website reports him as saying.

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