SMEs are biggest fans of green tech

Small and mid-sized firms are more open to emerging technologies and the benefits of green IT than their global competitors, according to research by industry association CompTIA.

Some 65 per cent of UK SMEs are constantly evaluating new technologies - compared with 51 per cent in the US, and 39 per cent in Canada - while more than half of UK SMEs said they are convinced that new technology is vital in staying ahead of the competition, says the report.

The research also found that environmentally-aware IT practice was voted as the top priority by 37 per cent of the UK companies surveyed. Poyiadgi added that the results showed that UK SMEs are also more ‘cohesive’ in their views than their competitors elsewhere.

"Not only do they agree on the value and competitive benefit of emerging technology, but they are considerably more unified in their rating of what the top emerging technologies are," Poyiadgi says.

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