Review seeks ways to get best from employees

UK Business Secretary John Hutton has announced a review to examine new ways to boost the performance of employees and improve British business success

The review will be led by David MacLeod, a leading expert on employee engagement, working with Nita Clarke, director of the specialist workplace involvement body, the Involvement and Participation Association (IPA).

John Hutton said: “The most successful companies recognise that their employees are their most valuable asset. Employee engagement is not just a buzzword – it has a clear link to increased business success.” He went on to say that research suggests engaged employees perform better and stay in their jobs longer and that if a business invests in boosting skills and engagement, profits will increase.

David MacLeod said: “Engagement is an important tool for business success. The fact that only around 12 per cent of the UK workforce can be considered as highly engaged shows that there is potential for huge gains for the economy if we can improve in this area.

The review will make recommendations early in the New Year. It will consider whether, and how, government and employers can work together to help businesses maximise their potential and boost the economy through harnessing the full potential of employees.

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