Pace steps up to less than 1 Watt in standby

Set top box manufacturer Pace claims that it will have developed a ‘complex’ set top box that will operate at below 1 Watt.

“We will introduce a set top box that will not compromise on functionality by the end of 2009...over three years before this will be stipulated by the new EU regulations,” claimed David Gillies, director of technology at Pace Plc.

But Gillies added a caveat that it will depend on “an operator rolling out to their customers.”

Adrian Arnold, head of trade marketing at the Energy Savings Trust said, “Pace’s announcement refers to complex set top boxes, such as the Sky Box, which typically would be used by operators and have more interactive services and perhaps a recording function.”

The Eco Design Directive stipulates that all electric devices, including set top boxes, sets a maximum power allowance of either 1 or 2 watts for the year 2010 and lowered to either 1 watt or 0.5 watts by 2013.

Current EU regulations requires that simple set top boxes - set top boxes which offer standard definition free-to-air digital programming – operate at 1 watt or below by the end of this year.

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