McAfee takes online security into real-time cloud

Online security firm McAfee has launched an Internet-based malware detection service hosted by McAfee Avert Labs to provide active protection on the fly.

"McAfee Avert Labs predicts a malware onslaught this year, with 300 percent more malicious programs in 2008 compared to 2007," says Jeff Green, senior vice president of McAfee Avert Labs. "Today's threat landscape requires a different approach to malware detection. Artemis is the first protection mechanism that works in ‘Internet time’."

The growth in malware has made it difficult for consumers, enterprises, and security vendors alike trying to keep up using the traditional ‘signature’-based defense mechanism, McAfee reckons.

The biggest problem with the continued use of signatures is the protection gap, the company says: ‘It often takes up to 24- to 72-hours from the time a threat is identified, analysed, and its signature is developed, to the time it is finally delivered to the endpoint. While consumers and enterprises are playing the waiting game; their endpoints are exposed and vulnerable’.

The Artemis service ‘in the cloud’ is powered by McAfee's Community Threat Intelligence, which includes security know-how from McAfee's researchers, threat ‘honey pots’, and real-time input from millions of systems protected by McAfee, Green adds.
Artemis is available today as part of McAfee Total Protection Service for small and medium-sized businesses, and will be available later this month for McAfee VirusScan Enterprise and McAfee's consumer products. There is no charge for Artemis, which will be called "Active Protection" in the consumer products.

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