IMCA estimates 2000 working on marine ROVs worldwide

The industry body for offshore, marine and underwater engineering companies has released the results of its first global survey estimating the number of personnel in the sector working on remotely operated vehicles.

The new analysis by the International Marine Contractors Association replaces a complex reporting system that has been running since the 1980s and which looked at the North Sea and the rest of the world separately.

Based on what is described as “significant data” supplied by 20 ROV contractors from among its 500 members, IMCA estimates that the number of people engaged in offshore ROV-related activities, primarily in marine construction and drill support activities was around 1700 in February 2007 and just over 2,000 in August 2007.

The Association’s chief executive, Hugh Williams, emphasised that the figures represent a snapshot and do not represent personnel at work on actual days. “The figures do not include personnel on leave, sick or not working for any reason, and only include those actually working on the two days of the survey. They do not take into account any major contract that may have been completed shortly before the days of the count nor, for that matter, one which may have started shortly after.”

According to Williams, accurate data helps the industry with benchmarking and adds weight to IMCA's discussions with clients and regulatory bodies.

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