Green issues baffling IT users

Enterprise IT users are being confused by vendors over-focusing on green issues as the industry changes its focus to environmentally friendly IT, a report by Gartner says.

The talk of long-term and medium-term green IT products at conferences is leaving CIOs baffled about what is and is not available.

"The IT industry is saturated with green IT talk," says Rakesh Kumar, research vice president at Gartner. "Unfortunately, with so much hype, users are left with a sense of confusion about where and when they should invest their time and money."

And the possibility of upcoming regulation is further clouding the issue, with vendors claiming that their products will help with compliance.

Gartner has split green IT issues into the immediate, the mid-term and the long-term to help users focus their attention on what they should be looking into, and when.

Immediate issues include data centre cooling, virtualisation, server efficiency and energy management.

Mid-term issues include green IT procurement, environmental labelling, encouraging behavioural change such as turning off machines, and video-conferencing.

Finally, long-term issues include carbon trading, heat recycling, software

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