BakBone uses sleight-of-hand for faster restore

BakBone Software has launched a real-time data protection solution that enables the recovery of Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, and Windows file system data in as fast as 30 seconds with near-zero data loss, it’s claiming.

The system works by first restoring a ‘shell’ of users’ data volumes and file structures, a simulacrum of the data to be restored; should a user request to open a file that has not yet been fully restored, the system will automatically prioritise the recovery of that file, so, as far as users are concerned, it’s been there all the time.

“The user sees what looks like their restored files, but actually they are seeing only a shell while the full restore process is chugging away,” explains Chris Ross, VP & general manager EMEA at BakBone Software. “Other restore systems only make files available as they are restored, and not before; but actually users might need to open files that were created at different times. If they try to open a file that’s waiting to be restored, Real-Time Data Protector instantaneously makes it ‘jump the queue’, as it were, so that it is immediately available.”

NetVault: Real-Time Data Protector works as a standalone solution as well as alongside NetVault: Backup and Application Plugin Modules, which offer simplified traditional backup for applications.

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