Aircraft test centre opens in Turin

Alenia Aeronautica has formally opened a new facility dedicated to the testing and qualification of commercial and military aircraft.

The Ground Test Centre in Turin-Caselle, Italy, hosts the Sky Light Simulator, a facility designed and made by Alenia Aeronautica which is capable of artificially reproducing natural ambient light conditions where aircraft operate, and can be used to test several cockpit configurations.

The centre also hosts Europe's largest anechoic chamber, which was designed to test the electromagnetic compatibility of airplanes and systems and also to carry out under ideal conditions controls and checks on the performance of emitting devices, in particular in the field of radio frequencies.

With the new centre, Alenia Aeronautica has strengthened its test and simulation infrastructures in Turin, which include a wind tunnel, advanced simulators for the Eurofighter, C-27J and unmanned aerial vehicles (used for both systems' project development and for training of flight crews), and integration rigs for testing and qualifying on-board avionic systems.

Alenia Aeronautica is Italy's largest aeronautic business. It operates world-wide in commercial and military aviation, unmanned aerial vehicles and aerostructures.



Image: Eurofighter Typhoon in the Sky Light Simulator

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