Walsall NHS prescribes RealVNC for remote care

Walsall NHS Informatics IT Services has bought RealVNC's Virtual Network Computing solution to provide remote IT maintenance and support.

Using RealVNC's latest enterprise software, the Informatics IT department can remotely support PC desktops and back-end servers across its four core Trust sites, more than 70 surgeries, and Walsall's Manor Hospital site. VNC is designed to enable one computer to take full remote control of another, regardless of platform, operating system, or location. Support engineers can perform remedial action without the need for a call-out visit.

In the Walsall requirement VNC has been deployed remotely to around 5000 machines. A built-in Java viewer allows access through a browser, and VNC supports more operating environments than any other remote access system, including Windows 98, 2K, ME, NT4, XP, Vista, Mac OSX, Linux, Solaris, HPUX, AIX, Java, and WinCE.

"With pressure on resources and a drive to provide more remote support, RealVNC means that we can keep critical IT systems up and running with minimum delays," says Andy Griggs, IT Operations Manager at Walsall Informatics IT Services. "VNC also provides excellent reporting functions, and gives us best practice authentication and encryption, along with a detailed audit trail."

As well as providing remote helpdesk and support, Walsall is also looking at using VNC for remote training applications. In addition to Walsall, VNC is also used by other primary care trusts, such as Blackpool Fylde and Wyre NHS Foundation Trust.

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