Real-time malware tracker gives global threat view

A virtual web-based map that shows the Internet threat landscape has been unveiled by ScanSafe. Threat Spy displays malware as it is identified and blocked by ScanSafe using multiple malware scanning engines, and its own proprietary heuristics engine.

“We reported a 278 percent increase in malware in the first half of 2008, and Threat Spy visualises this worrying increase,” says Mary Landesman, senior security researcher at Scansafe. “We hope the map will demonstrate how dangerous the threat landscape is and will prompt companies to take action.”

Powered by Scansafe’s Outbreak Intelligence, which includes, multiple, industry leading malware scanning engines, and proprietary heuristics, Threat Spy provides up-to-date detail on the more than 100 million Web threats it blocks each month on behalf of customers around the world. In addition to describing the type of threat blocked, the map shows the origin of the blocked threat, plus the date and time of the block. The map is automatically updated every 60 seconds to display the most recent blocks.

“The Web 2.0 environment is a dynamic one and we wanted to provide an equally dynamic map of the threats confronting Web surfers,” says Landesman. “Threat Spy provides insight into existing, new, and emerging Web-based threats – it also helps demonstrate the critical importance of real-time Web scanning.”

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