Logitech launches new clip and go mouse

Logitech is about to launch a new cordless laser mouse for notebooks, featuring a clip-and-go dock that is attached to the backplane of a notebook PC.

 “Logitech research revealed that the vast majority of people who use a notebook PC are mobile both within and outside the home,” said a senior executive for Logitech who is clearly competing for the award of stating the blindingly obvious.

The V550 Nano comes with a ‘plug-and-forget nano-receiver’ that fits discretly in your computer, protruding just 8 mm.

If offers up to 18 months of battery life and is the only Logitech cordless laser mouse currently offering this extended level of use. Plus, the V550 Nano saves additional power by automatically turning off when it’s docked or when the Nano-receiver is stored inside the mouse.

The V550 Nano is offered in two colours – grey with silver accents and silver with cool-blue accents. And with the purchase of the new Logitech mouse, you’ll receive two clip-and-go docks – one silver, one black. An included setup kit makes it easy to install the dock, and to remove it, if necessary.

The suggested retail price in Europe is £39.99.

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