Industry becoming greener 'but could do better'

UK industry is becoming greener but could do more, say two new reports

Britain’s manufacturers are adopting an increasingly positive approach to tackling green issues and reducing their impact on the environment, according to a new survey.

But the findings come as a parliamentary group in the House of Lords says that industry in the UK is not doing enough to reduce waste.

The survey, produced by the EEF engineering employers’ group and advisory body Envirowise says energy use and waste management are now key priorities for companies.

This is because firms  are now driven by the need to improve environmental performance in response to legislation and customer pressure higher up the supply chain.

However, the survey also shows that more needs to be done to tackle waste and improve resource efficiency.

The EEF says this is partly because the lack of infrastructure in some parts of the UK means affordable waste management services are not always available to business, in particular smaller companies.

In a separate report, the House of Lords Science Committee says the UK government should move its focus on household waste to “the far greater problem of industrial and commercial waste”.

Lord O’Neill, the committee’s chairman, said: "We would also like to see the VAT regime reformed so that products that have a long life cycle or can be easily and cheaply repaired rather than replaced are made economically more attractive.

"This would be an important step in turning away from the 'throwaway' culture we currently have."

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