EUV resist work targets 22nm memory processes

Engineers from Sematech and a number of resist suppliers, have demonstrated chemically amplified extreme ultraviolet (EUV) resist compounds that support 22nm half-pitch resolution and are close to resolving sub 20nm half-pitch features, potentially paving the way for a shift to EUV lithography for high-volume manufacturing at the 22nm process node. 

Although the line-width roughness achieved with the resists is still higher than the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors specification, it is expected that resist post processing and etch processes are likely to bring down roughness to a value that is acceptable on the device level for early adopters in DRAM and flash manufacturing.

“These results mark a cornerstone in the development of EUV lithography.  They represent the first real 22nm resist data, building confidence for EUV as a viable technology for 22nm half-pitch lithography," said John Warlaumont, vice president of advanced technology at Sematech. “Partnering with resist suppliers to accelerate resist cycles of learning has been critical to bringing EUV resist readiness to this point, where EUV resists can now support 22nm half-pitch imaging.”

Chawon Koh, Sematech’s EUV resist process engineer and resist expert leading the joint evaluation of resist platforms with resist suppliers, said: “This achievement was deemed to be impossible by leading resist experts only a few years ago. Resist suppliers have made excellent progress in improving EUV resist resolution.”

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