Crystal oscillator business to surge

The markets for crystals and crystal oscillators will more than double during the next five years due to the increasing demand worldwide for high-end consumer electronic goods and wireless devices, according to a study from Visant Strategies.

Revenues for crystals will grow from $3.1bn in 2008 to $4.3bn in 2013 while the world market for crystal oscillators will almost double during the same timeframe, according to the report.

“We see a small shift from telecommunications to consumer electronics and home entertainment devices as the intended end application for crystals and crystal oscillators and likewise, the Asia-Pacific nations will see its leading consumption of crystals and crystal oscillators grow,” said Kaustubha Parkhi, author of the report.

Altough use in telecommunications devices continues as the largest application for crystal oscillators, accounting for more than half of all shipments in 2008, this share will drop slightly during the next five years, according to the report. “Most of this loss will be gained by the consumer electronics and entertainment segment, a category in which shipments will grow by thirty-five per cent through the next five years,” Parkhi said.

The Asia-Pacific region will reign as the major consumer and producer of crystals, responsible for more than half of the world consumption, the report finds. North America will lose market share in consumption of crystal oscillators annually during the next five years, the report states.

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