Apple updates iPhone software to fix glitches

Apple has issued a software update for the iPhone 3G to help fix reported issues with connection speeds, according to a European mobile service provider.

T-Mobile said the software was available for download on Tuesday, but that it was not yet clear if the upgrade would fix all the problems.

"We have had complaints about connectivity in the Netherlands but have not had more complaints than usual for a 3G phone in Germany. Our technicians said today Apple has issued a software update but it is too early to tell if the problems are solved," a T-Mobile spokesman said.

One of the key attractions of the iPhone 3G is its faster Web access. But some users have complained about dropped calls and inconsistent Internet speeds, with the phone often reverting to slower EDGE connections, even in 3G areas.

Nomura analyst Richard Windsor has blamed faulty software on a chip from Infineon Technologies. Infineon wouldn't comment about the iPhone but said its chips work on 3G phones from suppliers such as Samsung without problems.

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