UK government pledge on nuclear plant decommissioning

The UK Government cannot not "duck" the task of nuclear decommissioning even though it is "something we wish we weren't having to do", pledged Energy Minister Malcolm Wicks.

Four companies have bid for the contract to clean up Britain's ageing power plants as they go out of service and ministers are considering which one will be appointed.

Wicks said he was looking for "world-class management" to help spread "best practice and innovation". And he told MPs at question time that he was "rather proud" the government was moving forward on nuclear decommissioning after "several decades where no action was taken".

He said: "We have got four strong bidders and that's what we need to do. We can't duck this task. It may be something we wish we weren't having to do but we're doing it and we are going to do it in the most competent and cost-effective way."

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