TI puts lower power on the roadmap for DSPs

Texas Instruments has published its roadmap for its main digital signal processor families, deciding to focus on power versus performance.

“Throughout recent years, customers big and small have approached TI with a focus on pure performance, but there has been a shift in the last year or so and developers' first question is now: ‘This is my power budget; how can TI help me do more with it?’,” said Gene Frantz, TI principal fellow.

The company claimed upcoming versions of the TMS320C674x DSP family will consume three times less power than existing floating-point DSPs. Slated for delivery in Q4 2008, the power consumption is promised to be cut to 6mW in deep-sleep mode and 420mW total power in active mode.

Power consumption will be halved with the TMS320C640x DSPs compared with those in the TMS320C6000 series. The parts will be pin-for-pin and software compatible with various OMAP-L1x and C674x products and will be available in early 2009. Available from early 2009, the OMAP-L1x product line will include ARM9 and ARM9-plus-DSP architectures.

The TMS320C550x family will be offered for devices that need long battery life. The new DSPs include large on-chip memory as well as an FFT coprocessor. The core will consume 6.8μW in deep-sleep mode and 46mW total power in active mode - half the power of existing C5000 devices. The devices will be available in Q1 2009. 

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