Talks may reduce impact of cuts at Pirelli tyre plant

Pirelli tyres wants to cuts jobs in the North of England

Talks are under way over possible job losses at the Pirelli tyre plant in Carlisle, UK.

The tyre firm wants to shed 60 manufacturing posts by the end of October because foreign competition has resulted in lost orders and sales.

Factory bosses and trade union leaders were tight-lipped about the situation while talks took place between the parties.

Carlisle MP Eric Martlew said: "The loss of these jobs is bad news. Pirelli is a good employer in Carlisle.

"But while it is a personal tragedy for those losing their jobs, the encouraging thing for the future is that Pirelli is continuing to invest huge amounts of money into the factory. That money will enable the plant to stay at the cutting edge of technology.

"I'm also confident that these reductions can be achieved without the need for enforced redundancies."

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