Server virtualisation 'exploding' among Euro orgs

Adoption of virtualised servers is exploding among 'virtualised' organisations, according to a report by IDC. Some 35 per cent of servers purchased in 2007 are virtualised, and 52 per cent of those bought in 2008 are expected to be virtualised. The report also finds that 54 per cent of organisations not using virtualisation expect to do so in the next 18 months.

'Server Virtualisation Survey: Fast Growth and Wider Range of Applications' says that organisations are increasing their virtualisation of x86 systems for core business applications, although the majority of virtualisation is still for test and development and for network server applications, IDC says. Its findings also suggest that expertise and skills are the biggest barrier to virtualisation adoption.

Growth of virtualisation as a strategy remains strong, rising from 46 per cent of the base to 54 per cent. VMware is the clear market leader in providing virtualisation technology, with 82 per cent of the sample using VMware. Despite high levels of Linux use, only 3 per cent of the sample were using Xen as their virtualisation platform. Microsoft was used by 13 per cent of the sample base with various Unix technologies and mainframe accounting for 14 per cent.

While both large companies and smaller organisations are seeing virtualisation as being key to their data centre strategy, their next challenge will be to make more effective use of this capability.

“Virtualisation is growing as a data centre strategy in itself, rather than as part of other projects,” believes Chris Ingle, consulting and research director at IDC's Systems Group. “This supports the view that virtualisation is increasingly seen as a standard for a wide range of workloads.”

Ingle adds: "The range of approaches makes the right technology selection critical: Microsoft is making a push for market share later in 2008; VMware, meanwhile, seems to be in the right place with its focus on business continuity and virtualisation management; Citrix and the Unix vendors are appealing to their core markets.”

HP, IBM, Fujitsu-Siemens Computers, Dell, Sun, BMC, and others will look to take the lead in systems and management, Ingle predicts.

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