RFID mini-chip designed for personal garment identification

Swiss RFID solutions firm Datamars has launched PersonalChip, for tagging personal clothing including shirts, skirts, sportswear, shorts, and underwear. At 11mm in diameter, and 2mm in thickness, Datamars claims it is one of the smallest and thinnest RFID tags on the market.

“PersonalChip operates on the principle of multi-read high-frequency radio waves, which can be read through non-conductive material,” said Ken Boyle, chief marketing officer at Datamars. “The passive transponder transmits the code which identifies the item without the risk of error. It has the ability to withstand temperatures between -40°c and +120°c, as well as all common chemicals in the laundry and dry-cleaning process, efficiency, speed and durability are assured."

The fully ISO15963-compatible PersonalChip can be read at a distance of up to 20cm. Other features of the laundry tag include light colouring, making it almost imperceptible especially in white garments, Datamars claimed, and robust resistance to the environments of laundry processes, including sterilisation.

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