PI smashes the 25 million node barrier

PI (Profibus and Profinet International) has broken the 25 million node barrier

Current market figures confirm that in April 2008, the number of installed Profibus nodes in manufacturing and process plants broke the 25 million barrier. Exactly one year previously, PI had broken 20 million, meaning that the installed base has increased by 25 per cent in a single year. The current rate of growth is five million Profibus nodes annually.

“With more than 25 million installed devices – probably more than all other rival systems combined – Profibus now dominates all sectors of industrial automation,” said Jörg Freitag, PI's chairman. “The total value of the Profibus market is estimated at $50bn with every indication that this is still a growing market. We fully expect Profibus to exceed 30 million nodes by the beginning of 2009.”

A key factor in the market success of Profibus is the outstanding quality assurance and certification system of PI. The Profibus certification test by independent accredited test laboratories ensures that the tested devices comply with the respective specifications, a fact that reassures users and manufacturers alike and gives them the utmost confidence in their investment decisions. Customers value not only the comprehensive range of Profibus products, but also the large number of manufacturers, which gives them the freedom to select providers optimally suited to their requirements.

This market success attests to the continuous activities of PI, which is totally committed to promoting the continual growth of the world's most successful fieldbus system, while at the same time paving the way for a smooth transition to Profinet.

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