Nokia launches new feature phone range

Nokia has unveiled its roadmap for feature phones that it will launch in developed markets over the next year with an emphasis on personalisation and the latest fashion trends

The new brand of feature phones, the Supernova range, will have exchangeable covers and four models will initially be launched.

"With the Supernova range, we set out to give people the ability to set themselves apart in the same way that they would with a traditional statement accessory," said Jo Harlow, vice president, live category, Nokia. 

The new Nokia 7610, 7510 and 7310 Supernova devices will allow users to personalise their devices with a choice of exchangeable ‘Xpress-On’ covers.

The devices will feature a ‘theme colouriser’, which will allow users to identify and capture any colour and further tailor a look by applying captured colours to the phone's key illumination and wallpaper.

The company says the first phone, the 7310, will be launched in current quarter with the other models being launched later this year.

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