Europe to test IVS

The use of new in-vehicle technologies has the potential to contribute to safer, cleaner and more efficient transport solutions throughout Europe.

Road safety, energy efficiency, and traffic congestion are the main challenges currently faced by the European transport system. Many state of the art in-vehicle technologies are currently waiting to be deployed but product markets, user acceptance, and real-world driving conditions need to be better understood. 

This will enable the associated risks to be reduced and help identify which aspects of Intelligent Vehicle Systems (IVS) would benefit best from further development.

euroFOT will identify and coordinate an in-the-field testing of new Intelligent Vehicle Systems including their effectiveness on actual roads.

A selection of eight functions will be tested in over 1,500 vehicles from 11 European OEM brands. These include:

Longitudinal control functions
FCW (Forward Collision Warning)
ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control)
SL (Speed Limiter)

Lateral control functions
BLIS (Blind Spot Information System)
LDW and IW (Lane Departure Warning and Impairment Warning)

Advanced applications
CSW (Curve Speed Warning)
FEA (Fuel Efficiency Advisor)
SafeHMI (Safe Human Machine Interaction)

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