Data centre 'healthcheck' adopts holistic diagnosis

What is claimed as the first industry-standard tool to provide a rack-to-rivets ‘healthcheck’ of the environmental and economic efficiency of data centres has been launched by UK firm Migration Solutions.

The Environmental Report and Audit (ERA) scopes both a data centre’s computing equipment, building infrastructure, power and cooling management, the layout and technology deployed, its operational procedures, and the corporate policies being applied.

“By measuring, cross-referencing, and analysing the dependencies of over 120 different data points, ERA performs a holistic assessment on the data centre’s environmental impact,” says Alex Rabbetts, Migration Solutions’ managing director. Only when data centre managers can measure all the ‘pain points’ will they be able to control it, Rabbetts claims.

Without more effective carbon management controls, the UK’s data centres risk coming under increased governmental regulation, Rabbetts believes: “Data centre professionals are under a lot of pressure. These are individuals, usually from IT backgrounds, who also have to understand about power provisioning, physical security, and the gamut of facilities management – they need all the help tools they can get,” he adds. “ERA has been designed to interrelate a range of operational factors – from rack loading to which way the host building’s entrance doors open – this can have an important influence over airflow. Taken together, all these small things can have a significant impact on overall efficiency.”

ERA prices start at £2,500-per-check, then scale up according to data centre size; the service already has buyers in the hosting and academic sectors, Rabbetts says.

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