British PM in drive to promote greener vehicles

Gordon Brown in drive to promote greener vehicles

Gordon Brown sought to promote green car technology during a visit to the British International Motor Show in London.

As well as viewing environmentally-friendly vehicles, the Prime Minister discussed measures to persuade road users to go green.

At the event, Mr Brown attended a meeting of motor industry and energy chiefs together with Transport Secretary Ruth Kelly and Business Enterprise Secretary John Hutton.

Mr Brown spent time at the meeting discussing with industry leaders a possible timescale for the further introduction of electric and low carbon vehicles

Addressing the meeting, Mr Brown said that road transport had reached "an historic point" and that the rising cost of oil had given everyone a chance to consider green alternatives.

He went on: "This has opened up a huge opportunity for technological innovation. It is a once in a generation opportunity."

He said the number of vehicles powered by alternative sources of energy were very small and that the government wanted to take the lead in creating incentives for low-emission vehicles.

The UK, he said, was working on initiatives with a number of countries including Germany, France, Portugal and Israel, from where he has just returned.

The government was working with the National Grid and energy companies at ways of introducing more electric vehicles and the government would be spending £90m over the next five years as part of the drive to reduce emissions from vehicles.

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