ARM hives off system-design tool

ARM has decided to sell one of its system-design tools to modelling company Carbon Design Systems together with a number of engineers working on the tool.

Members of the SoC Designer development team will form a new Carbon development office located in Irvine, California. Carbon will also gain access to ARM intellectual property (IP) so that the company can offer a kit for the generation of cycle-accurate models of ARM processors, PrimeCell peripherals and fabric IP. The kit will be used to move users from the SoC Designer tool to a new environment based upon models generated directly from ARM register transfer level (RTL) code.

Rick Lucier, CEO of Carbon, said: “The majority of our customers are already using ARM IP in their SoC designs. This agreement will enable Carbon to deliver a complete cycle-accurate tools solution to our customers, including the SoC Designer tool, enabling the generation of highly accurate models derived directly from the IP RTL code.” 

Tom Rathje, vice president of engineering at Carbon, added: “The processor models will leverage the Carbon model application programming interface to offer a direct connection to the ARM RealView debugger.” 

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